Chef Vinod. Chef Vinod. Pre- Prepration Getting ready to make Sardine fish curry and Potato-Stuffed Parantha. 122426783 Chef Vinod. Busy in composing Recipes for his cooking classes. 122426784 Paranthas Making Paranthas. Ingredients: ( 4-6 Serves)-21/2 cups whole wheat flour,1cup ghee/butter for basting,5tsp.oil,salt to taste,11/4 water, more or less. Method: sieve the flour and add salt in to a bowl. Add water slowly, and knead. Mix in 2tbsp. soft ghee and knead to a smooth dough. Rest for 15-mins. at kitchen counter. Divide in to equalportions and make in to balls. Dust with flour,cover and keep aside for other 5-mins. Press the ball of dough and roll out. Apply little ghee to the surface and fold over. Apply a little oil to folded surface and fold over again. Roll out the triagle with a rolling pin. Heat a Tawa/flat gridle and apply little ghee to surface. Place parantha on th tawa and cook for a few mins.Coat with little ghee and turn over and cook on the other side at medium to heat. 122426785 The Famous Dabba OF Chef's VINO Life. Butter Chicken 123204216 My Mom's Recipe Palao Tomato, cauliflower and peas, rice palao 123204435 123313322