First Class! First Class! First cookig Lesson Introduction. 124553917 First cooking class Menu 124553918 First copoking class Learning to grind, freshly roasted spices for Garam Masala. Using a Mortar and Pestle is an essential part of the Indian Kitchen 124553919 First cooking class Showing the spices before roasting, for Garam-Masala 124553922 First cooking class Learning 124553925 First cooking class Fun time 124626688 First cooking class Student rolling the Paratha 124626689 First cooking class Tellig cooking related story 124626691 Curried Cream Sauce Ingredients: 1-shallot,peeled,diced,1-roma tomato,diced,2-clovesgarlic,peeled,chopped,1"ginger,peeled,chopped,1/2 paprika,pinch-chilie pow.,1 1/2 tsp.cracked fenugreek seeds,or dry fenugreek leaves,2tsbp. fresm lime juice,1 1/2tbsp.grape seed oil,1/2tsp.turmeric,kosher salt to taste,2 1/2 cups heavy( 33%-35%0 cream. Method:Mix together the cream,salt,paprika,fenugreek seeds/leaves,and lime juice. Set aside. Over medium heat ,saute"the shallots,ginger and garlic till soft. Add diced tomatoe,cook till soft, and no moisture left. Add turmeric and cook for another second or two. Pour in cream mixture and cook till it coats back of the wooden spoon. Strain the curry cream sauce, and keep warm.Here the Curry Cream sauce Simmering away the on right. Cream Curry Sauce 124626692 First cooking class Grinding Garam -Masala 124626693 First cooking class Straing away the cream curry sauce 124626694