Cooking Classes Part 3 Planet Organic. Cooking Classes Part 3 Planet Organic. Cooking Class 3. Basic curry Foundation. " Basic Curry Base for storing in Refrigerator or in Freezer "' Ingredients: ( 4-5 Serving ). 300gms. med. red onion, peeled. roughly chopped.,1"pc. ginger,peeled, chopped,4-garlic gloves,peeled, crushed,1tsp.cumin seed,2 bay leaves,1/2tsp. turmeric pow.( too much make curry bitter),1tbsp. Deggi paprika( east indian store),1-2 green chilie,11/2 coriander pow.,1/2tsp.garam masala, 2 medium tomatoes, wash , chopped2tbsp.fresh cilantro leaves, chopped, and use the stems in making masala, salt to taste,3tbsp. grape seed oil Method: Wsah and blend the onios,ginger,garlic and coriander stems. Heat oil in a pan,add cumin seeds,bay leaves and let the seeds splutter, not burn. Add the pure'e mixture and fry until golden to dark brown( Not burn(. Add all dry spieces, whole green chilies.( Except Garam masala) and stir in a frequently, till releases flavours, if it is dry can put little water. Add diced tomatoes,salt and stir to fry until oil separates from the mass.( cook on medium to low.) .For a better result, add a 1tbsp,.water and fry again till oil seprates, repeat once more. stir in garam masala, and stir. Your perfect base for any curries i.e Meat curry, poultry curry, fish curry, hard boiled egg curry,and vegetable curry. Note: This curry has to be added to the main curry ingredients so it has to be stronger at this stage than the finish.This recipes is enough for approximately of 500gms. mix vegetables or meat or chicken, or 28oz. canned chic peas after draining liquid, and that can be chic peas curry. Cream,yoghurt can be added towards end of cooking process, to make curry rich.You do have to seared the meat, chicken, before adding this base. To give a different flavour to curry, can add following ingredients, while meat is cooking,1 tbsp.Dry Fenugreek leaves( known as Kasutri Methi) or 100-200gms. fresh leaves,washed,blanched,drained and pure'e.Fresh spinach, can be use same way as Methi,450gms. or les cubes of peeled and raw potatoes,at stage when meat is 3/4 way of doneness, 128378448 Cooking Class 3. 128378551 Cooking Class No. 3Mango Lassi Mango Lassi: Ingredients: 9-oz. plain yogurt,41/2oz. milk,41/2oz. mango pulp( Canned),4tsp. honey,Ice,1/2tbsp. crushed green cardamom seeds. Method: Put all the ingredients in to a blender, add few cubes of ice and blend it well. Keep it chill till ready. 128378555 Cooking Class No.3 Mango lassi getting pour in to the glasses to serve. 128378557 Cooking Class No 3. Saffron rice. Saffron getting pour at last minute. 128378561 Cooking Class No. 3 Finishing Chicken Curry, made by basic Curry Base. 128378562