Cooking Classes Part 4 Cooking Classes Part 4 Beef kababs Seekh kabab beef.Ingredients: 1lb. gr. beef or lamb,1med. onion,diced fine,1tbsp.garlic paste,1 1/2 tbsp.ginger paste,1/4 cup cilantro, top chopped and stems for the marination, 1/2tbsp. fresh lemon juice,2tbsap. yogurt,1tsp.garam masala, 1-2-3 green chillies chopped( optional),kosher salt to taste, 1-onion sliced fine. grape seed oil for cooking. Method:Put all the ingredientds in a bowl, mix well the ground meat very well. Rest the mix for 1-to-2hrs. Soak skewers( bhamoo one;s), divde the mixture in to equal balls. Take each portion and formin to a sausage-like kababs, while pressing on to a skewers.Have some oil on your hand so meat would not stick. Brush the kababs with oil , keep in the fridge you are ready. Grill the kababs,basting them with your choice of oil. Keep turning while meat is cooking. Served hot with onions,mint chutneys,lemon wedges. 136777044 Chutney Mint Ingredients: 1cup fresh mint leaves,1cup frsh cilantro,.1-3 chilies,1/2 onion chopped, 1/4tsp. cumin pow.,1/4tsp.salt or to taste, 1tsp. sugar, 3 cloves garlic peeled,1/2' ginger peeled, cut,2tsp.fresh lime or lemon juice.Method: Wash and drained cilantro( Keep stems), mint ( Do not keep stems), keep the natural water in , not to dry. Pure;e all the ingredients except the lime or lemon juice. Then add the juice, check seasoning, keep chill. 136777045 Putting chicken tikka kebabs on skewers 136777046 Panner Tikka Masala( Marinated Cheese Kababs). Ingredients: 2cups paneer, cut in 2"cubes,1 green and red bell pepper(1/2 & 1/2 ),cut in square pieces,1/2 red onion peeled, in squares,1/2 cup yourt,1-2 green chilie chopped,1/2 turmeric,1tsp ginger paste,1/2 tsp.garlic paste,1tsp. dried fenugreek leaves,1/2tsp.garam masala,juice of 1lemon,salt to taste,chopped cilantro for garnish. Method: Making Panner.( Cheese). Ingrtedients: 1/8 cup water,2lit. homo milk,3/4tsp.sugar,1/4cup w.vinegar,3 squares of cheese cloth,each 2ft.*2ft. . Method: Pou the water in to a heavy bottom cooking pot, add milk in to, mix in sugar. turn heat me. to hight heat and bringthe milk to boil. Do not leave the milk alone on the stove.As the milk rises add vinegar and turn the heat off. The milk will stop rising and solids will start to seprate from the liquid. wait 5-to-10mins. until theliquid is completely separated from the soils. Line the fine strainer with triple layered cheesecloth, and placed it in the sink, let it drain, and leave for 5 mins., to drain properly. With using your hands, try to squeezed out all the liquid carefully. Enclosed Paneer tightly in the cheesecloth, by twisting the gathered edges against the panner to seal out any open spot. Tie the gathered ends into a strong knot. Place wrapped paneer on to a deep large plate, other next size smaller plate on top of the paneer,set the wait on top, it will help to get rid of the extra liquid slowly, this will also help in making the cheese fat. Keep over night in the fridge. Next day unwrapped and used it the way you wish e.g. Kababs. Kababa: Combine all the ingredients for tikkas from yourt onwards and mix well.Add the panner, blanched & chilled vegetables pieces, toss well in the marinade, to cover the pieces.Let them rest for 2-4hrs, minimum or over night in fridge. Pre heat the grill or oven.Cook over grill or in ovenuntil some brown spot appear. Do not over cook. 136777047