Vinod K. Lohtia ccc.

Vinod K. Lohtia ccc. Personal Chef /Culinary Teacher / Culinary Tours / Food Educator


Quotes " It was great to do the prep work and then have the whole class watch how it is done. Great food & instruction. Chef Vinod created a very welcoming atmosphere." Quotes
Cooking Class

Quotes "I have previously taken a class from chef Vinod - good sense of humour and knowledge." Quotes
Cooking Class

Quotes "Lots of information and insights - friendly, informed instructor. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience." Quotes
Cooking Class

Quotes "Vinod was very friendly and offered tips. Very fun class and presented well, love the hands on experience, very thorough instructions, and class was interesting", Quotes
Cooking Class

Quotes " I went with my girlfriend to Chef Vinod's cooking class as part of her sister's birthday present. We had a great time learning to cook authentic Indian cuisine with Chef Vinod. He welcomed us into his lovely home and showed us how to make a variety of delicious items. My personal favorites were the vegetable curry and saffron rice. From the moment we arrived Chef Vinod was very professional. He had a menu laid out for us and all the prep work done. His recipes were easy to follow and the end result was fantastic. After (at least) a 90 minute lesson we had a chance to eat the meal he showed us how to make and socialize a bit with the chef. Overall it was a great way to spend the afternoon and a really fun birthday idea. I have even made a few of the recipes at home since the lesson with great success! Thanks Chef Vinod " Quotes

Quotes "My whole life I have been interested in cooking and baking. Born and raised in Germany I had great opportunity to taste and cook tasty food. As I am getting older, I am eating less and therefore spend more attention to healthy ingredients without chemicals. As much as possible i make everything from scratch. I also enjoy decorationing the food I am cooking. Presentation is very important to me. . I have taken Chef Vinod's class last night at Planet Organic and enjoyed it very much. Just the smell of heated herbs, eating home made yoghurt etc increased my desire to learn more about Indien cooking. I also liked the teaching method of Chef Vinod - how he is teaching out of the experience with his treasured mother and now wife. A great feeling of energy!" Quotes

Quotes " My first class was amazing! It was fun, and the food was super yummy! And best of all I learned to make my favorite East Indian dish....Butter Chicken! Chef Vino was extremely knowledgeable but very down to earth and approachable. His passion for his food is apparent! I will be taking more classes for sure!" Quotes

Quotes "My class with Chef Vino was both enjoyable and informative. He's a real character! We made Tandoori Chicken as well as Butter Chicken. It was surprisingly simple but the taste far exceeded any expectation I had. The blend of spices and flavours of each dish was decadent and the spicyness was perfect!! Looking forward to expanding my knowledge in future sessions wih Chef Vino!! " Quotes
Glenn Towsend

Quotes " My wife and I started attending Chef Vinod's evening classes at Planet Organic Market (Edmonton Southside) more than two years ago. We have missed very few classes over the years and regret any we miss. Chef Vinod is always well prepared and presents a very professional class. Recently he has been "Cooking around India", focusing on a specific region for each class." His entertaining manner and engaging personality comes through in every class, making the evenings extremely enjoyable. Tasting the results at the end of each class is the "Icing on the cake"! Quotes
Bob / Susanne